Rehab! A funny thing happened on the way to the slammer!!!


It seems that every day I come across another person who is right in the middle of their legal case who is prescribed way too much medication. By in the middle I mean right before or after a guilty plea. This waiting period is tough. Sometimes it even takes years. Ask anybody who has been through it. The fear, anxiety and uncertainty are enormous.

So, what is a person who knows they will soon lose their freedom to do? Unfortunately in some cases their misinformed doctors give these people way too many prescription drugs. This often leads to dependence in people who never considered that possibility. Worse yet, many doctors and lawyers do not realize that in Federal Custody prescription drugs like Valium are not offered and in State Prisons they are only given on rare occasions.

The best advice this insider can offer to people who are awaiting surrender to prison is to take as few prescription drugs as possible and arrive SOBER. More and more I am referring people to rehab before prison. Of course, they do not want to go but thank me later that they arrived at Prison with one less thing to worry about.


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