The Prison Top 10!!!



People ask me every day about what life is like in Prison.  So, every week I will post a new blog with Prison and insider tips. Here are my all time Top 10.


1-   Get busted on a Federal charge.  The rumors are true. Federal Prison is much better.

2-   The food is not that bad. Worst case is you will loose weight.

3-   The T.V. room is where most of the fights break out.

4-   American Idol is the most popular show inside.

5-   COPS is second!

6-   No, sex with the guards is not O.K.

7-   Smuggling in a cell phone is not easy and never works.

8-   The staff could care less why you are there, so stop pretending it’s impressive.

9-   You will like most of the other inmates.

10- Time does go by and you will make it through!


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