Lawrence Taylor and Richard Hatch- EQUAL JUSTICE?

The cases of LT and survivor winner Richard Hatch are back in the news this week. Yet, both have very different outcomes. Hatch, who had troubles making the transition from Federal Prison to a Halfway House, has now been sent back to Federal Prison on a probation violation for tax evasion. This is predictable because it was evident he did not learn anything inside. He began re offending in small ways at the Halfway House. For those who do not understand what a halfway house is, in Federal Cases if the defendant serves more than a year in prison, he will always be sent to a halfway house upon release for a period of time.

In the case of Lawrence Taylor, he received his sentence for having sex with an under age prostitute. LT received NO JAIL time and six years probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender, but the level of offender has yet to be determined.  This after LT has had many encounters with the law and prison system. How many chances should he get???

SO, two cases, very unequal justice and two offenders who are ripe to do something again. The first way to explain this is simple- FEDERAL vs. STATE. Federal cases have more scrutiny, stricter probation and obviously a uniform system. States have just not caught up. In the current case of LT, there is of course the matter of an underage age girl. But, our system does not treat these situations tough enough, just as we do not treat repeat DUI cases tough enough. This must change. First step, sentence people to more community service. It’s free and helps everyone involved.

This insider knows that there is no such thing as equal justice. But, by speaking out, maybe this too will change. Like I always say. Change is possible with hard work!


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