Hey- ever wonder what it’s like to be LOHAN???

Once again today there was a circus in the Lindsay Lohan case. First of all, what a waste of time and money. I have written much about equal justice. My views are well known. I am in favor of do the crime, do the time. That leaves wide open the issue of actual “time” different cases require. After all, do violent offenders receive this much court time, jail time and cost? What should be the penalties for cases like this?

I am not a lawmaker or a lawyer. But, I do have years of inside experience. So, imagine what Lohan is going through? At this point there is no simple way for her to finish her probation and move on. Every move is analyzed. A very hard ACT.

Today in court even her calm and sometime smile have been attacked. Are we really out for blood and to see a person humiliated everyday? Maybe if Lohan were as clever as Charlie Sheen we would all move on or even sympathize with her. Yep- a DUI is serious. She paid the price for that with jail, rehab and probation. And, she still faces a probation violation for that case.

The best advice I can offer anybody is to step back. That goes for Lindsay and the rest of us, change is possible with hard work!


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