Christina Aguilera- The time has come for your Incarcervention!!!


Early today Christina Aguilera was ARRESTED for public intoxication. Ask anybody who knows and they will tell you that is a rare event in itself. The Los Angeles Sherriff’s department says that Aguilera was detained for her own safety as she did not seem capable to take care of herself. Think old school “drunk tank.” This as her boyfriend was arrested for DUI.

So, question number one- did you ever wonder why so many celebs and people with money take the chance and drive drunk? Most of us would call a taxi and I am sure Christina has the number for a car service. Next, should we look at the Mickey Mouse Club members Brittany and Christina as too much too soon or just like every day people with problems?

The truth is people are people. This is the great lesson prison time gave me. Yet, people in the spotlight have more attention because they are in the spotlight of course. The situation with Aguilera is a sad one. Clearly she needs help. And, fast before her substance abuse problems become legal problems. Here is hoping that she has the right team to help her find a positive solution that is transformative yet private. No celebrity rehab please.


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