Equal Justice- Once again we can look at the Lohan case!!!


I have been overloaded with questions, calls and comments about the Lindsay Lohan case. My opinion has surprised many who think they understand the system and what I believe. For the record, I do not think there has been Equal Justice in the Lohan case. I think she has been treated much HARSHER than others, especially with the new Felony Grand Theft charge. Yes, she is on probation, but the current charge is in addition to any probation violation penalty. It is a whole new case. And for what? An alleged theft of $2500?  This makes no sense.

Isn’t there a better way for the bankrupt State of California to waste money? Would this case be charged as Felony Grand Theft if it was not Lohan? Remember the case of ex CNN anchor Rick Sanchez? I blogged about it months ago. He actually killed somebody while driving drunk and received NO jail time. This happens way too often.

In the case of Ms. Lohan there is no doubt that she is heading down the path of career criminal. This is actually a term that the government gives people who keep re-offending, often in different ways. It is my belief that Lohan understood that if she used drugs she would go back to jail. What she then did to feed her addiction, demons and utter need for help and attention is what came next. A choice to break the law in such a way that she felt she would not have a consequence. Well, news flash- There is always a consequence.

What we need to do is look at the bigger picture of our flawed criminal justice system. We need to do this and Lohan must start to look in the mirror, accept responsibility and learn from her mistakes. This insider has been there, done that and now it is time we all do the same. Change is possible.



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3 responses to “Equal Justice- Once again we can look at the Lohan case!!!

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