Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen- Who would you rather???


It seems that neither Lohan nor Sheen can stay out of trouble. Wonder why? It is very simple. They are used to attention, any attention and like a child, they will even settle for negative attention.

But, other than the fact that they both are need again of a real Incarcervention, the comparisons end there. At the moment Lohan is trying to stay clean and sober for a probation hearing at the end of the month. There have been no reports as of yet that she is not testing clean. Sheen however keeps on doing what he knows best. Drugs, women and denial.

I have written about Sheen before and his lack of personal responsibility. I have even written about how he snitched on ex madam Heidi Fleiss and testified against her in order to save himself. Remember that? He needed to get help then.

These two represent what is wrong in our criminal justice system. Think about it. If a person continued to deal drugs and not just use them, he would be in jail. But, for some reason our system is not set up for Equal Justice. Crimes are not treated the same and yes, celebrities sometimes get better treatment. Although I do not always believe that, Sheen certainly has fared better than most of us would. But, it seems that Sheen has never been caught with possession. That seems odd, as I am sure the drugs at his home were cleaned up but they certainly were in his system!

So, what can learn from these two? That is easy. The only way for true change is through hard work and owning your actions. Like this insider always says, change is possible


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