Lawrence Taylor- Touchdown!!


Ex NFL star and repeat criminal offender Lawrence Taylor has done it again. This time he was able to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct instead of the felony charges he was facing. This stemming from his May 2010 arrest where he was initially charged with rape, and sex with a minor.

So, how is it possible that LT avoids jail yet again? Simple, he snitched and snitched. In this case I agree with his loose lips because he assisted authorities in a Federal case of human trafficking against the “pimp” of his victim. Snitching or the more politically correct “corporation” is a common way the U.S. Government makes progress in prosecuting crimes.

The question now becomes, is this Equal Justice and will this newest probationary period and court case notoriety be enough to save LT from himself and further illegal activity? Like I have said before, LT is a perfect member for my Incarcervention club. Was this legal intervention the final one for Taylor? I hope so for all of us. But, it will take work on his part and some restorative justice.

LT- take a long look in the mirror. Change is possible, but you must at least try and work at it.


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