Howard K Stern walks Free in Anna Nicole case? Really?

So, Howard K Stern walks free after the judge vacated the jury’s findings. Was else is new and crazy in Los Angeles and in this case? This is yet another example of over charging by the Los Angeles DA’s office. When will they learn?

In the meantime, justice goes unserved and guilty people; are back in society to walk free. A joke. What is really troublesome is that Stern did not do supply drugs to Smith one time there was a pattern here. And, we now what comes with criminal patterns– more crime. This is the sad part people died here, Smith and her son.

These are the type of cases I see way too often. The type where the criminal activity is allowed to continue and where  the purp does not learn a lesson. Next stop: Incarcervention!! What’s next Stern? Celebrity Rehab for you? Please!!

This insider knows that just because one is acquitted in one crime, there will be more criminal activity unless a true lesson is learned. Running to the media, Stern does not appear to have learned humility or anything else for that matter. Anna Nicole RIP. You are missed.


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