Tips from this insider for Lindsay Lohan and her FREEDOM!!!

The New Year is here and that means FREEDOM for Lindsay Lohan. The way she handles this freedom is up to her. Not many of us have had to live our legal and addiction problems under the same level of scrutiny as Lindsay. Every move has been watched and second-guessed by not only law enforcement, but also pop media. How ironic that Lindsay made so many top ten year in review lists, while Charlie Sheen made only a few.

So, some advice to Lindsay and those of us watching. Re-entry under any circumstance is a difficult process. Re-entry, while many are waiting for you to fail may seem like an entirely other thing all together. It really is not. After all, people look for those leaving prison to fail every day. Maybe not in the spotlight of the media, but failure and felony do seem to go together. They do not have to.

Lindsay needs to go about her re-entry as if she was just another person leaving custody or an alternative sentence. That means being ultra careful with all choices and decisions. It also means never forgetting where you just came from and how quickly you could go back or worse. Re-entry also means that you have to earn back the trust and respect of others. That, just like change, takes work and lots of it. The good news is that we live in the land of the free and America loves a good comeback.

Lindsay, take your time, practice some restorative justice and help others while helping yourself. This insider knows that the best chance for a successful re-entry is to be humble yet proud.



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2 responses to “Tips from this insider for Lindsay Lohan and her FREEDOM!!!

  1. After 8 years in the Florida prison system I have a few tips for the newly incarcerated, the family on the out side & the newly released…. Just go along with tyhe program. Follow all rules, keep it simple stupid, these people ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS…..None of them. The 85% time you will do on your sentence…for GOOD behavior WILL NOT change!!! It’s just PRISON TALK !!! Know this. Do your time…don’t let it Do You!!!
    Next, For you at home, MAIL..MAIL …MAIL!!!!! Keep those cards & letters comming. Money is nice, but if you realy can’t afford to do a J-Pay…send stationary & Cards.. It’s as good as money. Take time to set up a T=netix account if you can .

    For the newly released, here is a small bit of advice: Stay away from everything you used to know & do. Make a Geological change if possible!! Get a job, take what ever comes along, & YES there are jobs to be had. Use Work-Force they are located in every town & city. Stay between the lines. Remember where you have been. Let it be a lesson learned!!

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