Michael Vick- Should he or shouldn’t he?

Pro football player Michael Vick is making headlines again. This time because he told an interviewer that he wanted to own a dog in the future. The future!! What came next is a prime example of just how ignorant people can be. First of all, Vick was not banned for life from owning a dog. He cannot own one while on Federal probation. So, let’s start there.

While we may not like what Vick did, the fact is that he did serve time in prison, a Federal Halfway House and is still on Federal Probation. No easy task. All the while he has accepted responsibility and worked towards regaining his life, career and family. This is more that most people who have committed crimes do and far greater than most celebrities.

The larger questions are way more important. What price is enough and when does society welcome somebody who has rehabilitated their life? Our Criminal Justice system is very flawed in regards to how it gives out “Equal Justice.” Remember that one does not lose the right to have children after a person is found guilty of child abuse. A person does not lose the right to have a spouse after committing domestic violence. There is a bigger picture here. Otherwise, the alternative is to send people to prison and hope for the best. This Insider knows that will not work and change is possible!


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