Wall Street- Do you hear what I hear? The Feds, The Feds…

Months ago I posted a blog titled Goldman Sachs go Directly to Jail. Did that happen? Nope. Not one person has yet to pay a price for the Goldman debacle. Key word is yet. In late November, there were a slew of arrests at major hedge funds as part of a probe in to rampant Insider Trading investigations. Now word is that there is much more to come.

This is not surprising, as insider trading has actually accelerated in recent years. Call it a sign of the times! What is surprising is the “shock” some are showing at the Federal investigations and allegations. I have had numerous calls from Wall Street Honchos afraid that a mass conspiracy was afoot. PLEASE! Anybody who has worked on Wall Street and been the subject of any investigations by the Justice Department or SEC knows that these never come as a surprise. Take it from this insider.

Even Bernie Madoff claimed he never knew what was about to happen to him. Of course he did and so did his family and close conspirators. How would it be possible for a $50 billion arrest to go down so quickly? The wheels of justice turn very slowly. But, they do turn.  U.S. authorities began subpoenaing big name investors in late November as the FBI raided hedge funds in three states. Now, CNBC is reporting that last week Manhattan Federal Prosecutors sent more subpoenas to several large hedge funds.

So, what’s a Wall Street firm to do? They should start talking to their key employees now. This is the time when some humility and strategic positioning is needed. Wall Street has always been a place of survival of the fittest, but that may not work this time. This insider says Wall Street, now is the time to get real and talk about how best to get on with it. Can you spell INCARCERVENTION?


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