Wesley Snipes- Shouldn’t there be a law against this??

Time has finally run out on actor Wesley Snipes bid to stay out of Federal Prison. The issue here isn’t that Snipes broke the law. The issue really is who pays for all of this? Sometimes we forget that one of the reasons our courts are slow and inefficient, is that they are over burdened with situations like this. Appeals, delays and paperwork is expensive.

In this case, Snipes has delayed the system for years. That, and the fact the he owes millions of dollars in taxes! This is money that could be spent fighting real and dangerous crimes. It is true that all of us have civil rights and are afforded due process, but there is a point that one must take responsibility and bear some of their own costs. This holds true on many alternative sentences. People often pay part of the costs of home confinement, probation and community service.

Wesley Snipes has shown just how ridiculous stall tactics can be. This insider is hoping that while Snipes is a guest of the Feds and away at camp, he starts to practice some restorative justice. The time to give back starts NOW.


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