Bling Robber Alexis Neiers is back in jail- What a shock!!!


The bling robber, Alexis Neiers is back in jail while being held without bail on a probation violation. Alexis obviously did not get the drift when she was sentenced to six months in jail for the robbery of actor Orlando Bloom and others. This is predictable. Alexis spent only a small portion of her original sentence behind bars, as is usually the case in California for first time non-violent offenders. She was however, ordered to pay restitution and certain other conditions. One of these conditions was to “check” in with her probation officer-standard procedure.  But, Ms. Bling Robber failed to do so last month and the po po came knocking.

As anybody who has been on probation knows, this is a big NO NO. Additionally, she was subject to a search of her home as is standard. Yesterday, while finally finding Ms. Bling Robber, the police also found her to be in possession of a fake Florida ID and black tar heroin. Ouch!

As many people know, I have been very outspoken about this case and even posted a blog about how much I appreciated Judge Leslie A. Swain’s no nonsense approach. While I believe that there are better alternatives than jail for many cases, the lack of personal responsibility in this case, as well as the gross entitlement of the Neiers mama, was bound to lead to no good. After all, this is the same fake Chris Jenner who tried to make a buck off her low rent family and her daughter’s crime spree on a reality show on E.

Today, Mama Neiers is protesting that her daughter does not deserve to be in jail and that the heroin is a mistake! She also is upset at the “ridiculousness of the situation.”

Some advice from this insider help your child who obviously has turned into a junkie before it is too late. Unless you are holding out for Celebrity Rehab-which is likely to be the case, get real and mama up. As for Alexis, she must now await formal new charges and a new visit to Judge Leslie Swain. This is a true case in need of an incarcervention ASAP.


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