Is Change Possible?


People ask me everyday if I really believe – “Change is possible.” I truly believe this and try to inspire others with my story. I also believe that none of us can do it alone. It does take a village and the openness to accept help, as well as give it. It also requires the humility to admit that one needs to change.

As I have written, I am a firm believer in Community Service and the need for courts to order service with every sentence. Community service is not only good for the community, but also the offender. It builds self-esteem.

This year CNN Heroes honored Susan Burton from the re-entry program A New Way of Life. I have written about Susan before, but tonight she had the opportunity to share with the world just how important her message and that of the many she has helped is. Susan used her own experiences of incarceration to help others and bring about real change. She walks the walk everyday.

This insider wishes everyone could learn from Susan’s message and believe that change is possible. Congratulations to Susan and thank you.



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