Wesley Snipes- Now this is why some people need an INCARCERVENTION!!!


Time has run out for actor Wesley Snipes. Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for willful failure to file Federal income tax returns in 2008. This stemming from a 2006 indictment on tax related charges.

So, what did Snipes do after his indictment? He denied the allegations, blamed ex business managers and associates and filed paperwork saying he did not owe U.S. taxes because he was a “non resident alien”. In fact, Snipes was born in the United States. To make matters worse for himself, Snipes appealed his conviction in 2008 and had remained free on bond while that appeal was being reviewed. In July 2010, Snipes conviction was affirmed. It is then that he should have gotten the hint that prison was soon to become a reality.

The 2006 indictments were not the first sign of legal troubles for Mr. Snipes as he was detained in 2005 at a Florida airport for attempting to leave South Africa on a fraudulent South African Passport. Too bad nobody, including Snipes, called for an Incarcervention at the first sign of trouble. As is always the case, crimes do not just happen; there are small signs of entitlement and grandiosity that lead up to them. Just ask Lawrence Taylor, Charlie Sheen, DMX and others. In the case of Wesley Snipes he was accused of various crimes including failure to file tax returns for years 1999-2004. Then we have his South African passport incident in 2005 and his 2006 Federal indictments. A legal intervention before it was too late would have been nice. But, that would mean Snipes would actually have to accept some responsibility!

Now, Snipes is in the worst position he could imagine- an order to immediately surrender to federal authorities. As of November 19, 2010, the Federal Bureau of Prisons listed Snipes as having the status of “in transit. This is otherwise known as CON AIR.  There is no self-surrender check in for Mr. Snipes. He will be held in various Federal facilities while on the way to his final inmate destination. That means traveling by plane or bus in handcuffs and shackles, not a Gulfstream for a movie studio. This is a very poor way to start prison time and a shame Snipes was not given better legal advice and advice to at least start practicing some self discipline and Restorative Justice last July.

This insider knows that there is no substitute for a little humility and a good prison consultant. Wesley, next time call me!


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