Marion Jones- PLEASE get real. You need an incarcervention fast.


Here we go again with Marion Jones. The former Olympic Gold medalist and WNBA star. First, we had her on Oprah a couple of years ago failing to tell the truth, then we had her book and now we have her new documentary about her “PRISON” time. Has she ever heard the phrase, Bitch, please?! Even Oprah wasn’t buying in two years ago.

Marion Jones served six months in a Federal Prison camp. I guess it was not long enough for her to have a reality check. Jones went to prison for only one of her crimes- lying to Federal Agents in the BALCO steroid scandal. In fact, she was under investigation for using steroids as well as her part in a check fraud scheme. She still maintains that she did not know she was taking a steroid known as “the clear.” Jones even told Oprah that she thought it was flaxseed oil!

There are so many problems with Jones and her story that it is hard to know where to start. What is obvious is that Jones had more problems than just drug use. How does a person find themselves under Grand Jury Indictment for check fraud and steroids at the same time? Simple, a failure to accept responsibility for her own actions. That’s where the Incarcervention comes in. Like so many, she needed, and probably still does, a legal intervention.

So, Jones went to Federal Prison for a mere six months, spent part of the time in solitary for fighting and even dropped the dime-or at least it looks that way, on others. Barry Bonds maybe?

What’s worse is that Jones even goes so far as to complain about her prison time and the simple facts that she slept on a top bunk and ate crappy food. Wow! All of this and she bills herself as an activist for prison reform. I wonder if that is just convenient let’s sell a book mentality?

This insider knows that change is possible. For some it just takes a little longer. Here is hoping that Marion Jones starts practicing Restorative Justice. For now, she is just a former abuser who is now a USER. Get real Marion Jones and reach out and help somebody else- not only yourself.


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