Why Veteran’s Day is more important than ever…

Today is Veteran’s Day. It is more important than ever to really acknowledge what that means for several reasons. First, Veteran’s fight for our freedom, while people who are incarcerated have chosen to give up theirs. This sounds harsh, but it’s true. I was one of them. That’s one reason I believe that many people can benefit from what I call Incarcerventions.- This is a legal intervention designed to be a true reality check for those in need of one. Without this, many continue to slide down a slippery slope from small “crimes” to larger ones. For example, a minor drug possession charge can escalate with the person’s own substance abuse to trafficking, felony DUI and worse.

Secondly, the United States has an ever-growing population of people who are incarcerated. In fact, the largest number of inmates on the rise is women, followed closely by Veterans. This is a true American tragedy that can be remedied. Currently, several law enforcement agencies are working on this, including the Pasadena Police Department in California who I work closely with on our legal wellness programs.

How can we expect those returning from war to not need services? Who wouldn’t suffer from depression or PTSD in these circumstances? But, we must try to act before our vets run into trouble. This will only happen by people acknowledging our Veterans and the problems they face.

This insider knows that change is possible. Today let’s thank those who fight for our freedom and remember never to take FREEDOM for granted!


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