Our Criminal Justice System- what’s the deal????

Many people ask me what ‘s the deal with our criminal justice system. For example, as I previously wrote about Rick Sanchez, a person can do NO time for a felony DUI and years on a drug possession charge. A person can even have multiple DUI arrests and not serve much jail time.

And, today in Los Angeles, former Oakland transit police officer Johannes Mehserie was sentenced to just two years for the death of 27 year old Oscar Grant. Observers felt the sentence would be light as Mehserie was only convicted of manslaughter, not murder. But, a two-year sentence allowing for time already served means he will be out in about 7 months.

As we all know, this insider believes in alternatives and restorative justice, but these must be earned. There is no evidence, including his court appearance today, that shows Mehserie deserved a light sentence.

Now, we must use this case and others to start practicing EQUAL JUSTICE. No prison time for repeated DUI arrests, not even community service, light time for killing somebody, yet hard time for possession. Especially in the Federal System. This is not equal nor fair.

Those of us who have been there and done that, must now speak up and try to evoke change. Selective justice is not equal and we can no longer accept discrimination and people who do not take responsibility for their actions.


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