A Felony is a Felony. Got it Howard K Stern???

Today there was finally a verdict in the “Anna Nicole Smith” drug conspiracy case.  Howard K Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich were convicted of two counts each of conspiring to obtain controlled substances by fraud and by providing false names. Dr. Eroshevich was also convicted of obtaining medication by fraud. Howard K Stern, the fake boyfriend of Smith is a lawyer and Eroshevich was Smith’s psychiatrist. Both of these now risk loosing there licenses because of the felony convictions. A third defendant, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, was acquitted of all charges.

There is no doubt that this case was a mess. The judge thought so and the jury took almost two weeks to reach a verdict. The problem? Sloppy and over reaching charges by the district attorney’s office as well as a victim who was controversial. The next California case with a high profile defendant and victim will also probably face similar problems. That’s the case of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.

The good news, there are convictions here, and felony convictions at that. However, there are reports that Stern and the soon to be ex doctor were celebrating after the verdict because they were not convicted on all charges. Some talk show blabbermouths were even claiming that this verdict is a slap on the wrist. Really?? A felony is a felony. It stays with YOU, as this insider knows. So, a slap on the wrist no way. What this case shows is that doctors and those close to addicts must be careful. Over prescribing and enabling is a deadly combination.

If I were you Howard K Stern and ex doctor Eroshevich, I would start accepting it now and think of a way to move on with some dignity. Stern, you already lost your long suffering meal ticket and Eroshevich you gave up your right to practice by posing naked with Smith years ago.  If only you both had had a get real moment sooner, Anna Nicole Smith may still be alive. As far as Dr Kapoor, start practicing some humility because if you don’t, next time it will catch up with you. Call me- I’ll set you straight.

As we all know, this insider believes that change is possible but celebrating after a felony conviction is no way to start changing.



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