Lindsay Lohan- Learning how to take responsibility


Friday Lindsay Lohan was allowed to skip jail and return to her residential treatment program at The Bette Ford Center. Much has been written about this over the weekend, and most of what was written has been negative. Why???

It seems that people want to see her “suffer” in jail. That’s a joke. Anybody who has actually been in jail or prison knows that a short stint is much less work that a program like Bette Ford. It may seem silly, but it’s true. Had Lohan gone back to jail, her stay would have been short and while in jail she would not be addressing the choices that led her there. This is a much better option for everyone.

Lohan gets to stay out of jail while working on taking responsibility for herself and her choices, and the rest of us do not have to foot the bill. Further, Lohan will now have a real chance to turn her life around and STAY out of jail for good.

This is the sentence she was supposed to have received after her latest jail term. Instead she went to detox at UCLA and was sent home. That lack of time and accountability would never have worked and only set Lohan back. Hence, she violated and tested dirty very quickly. What else did we expect??

Now, Lindsay has a real chance to learn about herself, make changes and ultimately better choices. See-change is possible. Good job Judge Fox!


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