Now this is Accountability- It’s time to pee in da cup-again!

There is one thing that is clear when you are a member of the ex con’s club; just when you think life is normal again and you are doing everything right, something reminds you to be accountable. I think of it as the line from The Godfather III-Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. I often talk about our criminal justice system and the need for better accountability, especially in State cases.

Such is life in “our club.” So, here I am trying to rebuild my life, my career and my health and blogging about other people’s accountability, when my own probation officer calls to tell me I must random drug test. That means go the Federal building within 24 hours and pee in the cup in front of a probation officer. Many people do not realize that the Federal Prison system has strict accountability for those on probation or supervised release. Especially people who have been through a program like RDAP.

This insider welcomes the added accountability and wishes that State systems had the same requirements. But, there is nothing quite like that phone call to keep your ego in check and keep it real.

Yes, change is possible but it takes work!


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