Lindsay Lohan needs an Incarcervention- ASAP!!

As we all know, Lohan is being held at the Los Angeles County jail. This, because she violated her probation. But, she actually does not have a hearing on whether or not she “did” violate until October 22. So, why is she in jail and how? Judge Elden Fox, in the first smart ruling in this matter, held Lohan until the violation hearing without bail. That was the only way he could make her serve the full-time and not allow her to be bailed out. However, it now looks like Judge Fox himself has been over ruled and Lohan will be released on bail and with new, stricter probation requirements.

Is this fair? Yep- Lohan has had way too many chances and was warned by this same Judge this would happen if she tested dirty. But, the problem really is more serious. Why was Lohan allowed to serve such a small rehab amount? What orders will be put in place to help Lohan understand the consequences to her actions? All of this must be very confusing for Lohan and others.

At this point Lindsay Lohan needs what my clients get- an incarcervention. That is as intervention with a criminal justice spin to it. This will help her prepare for her new life of probation and hopefully  keep her out of jail again. It also will prepare Lohan for what should be a new and more humble life.

Incarerventions are tough and require the participant to accept responsibility for their actions. But, this insider thinks Lohan can do it and of course change is possible with hard work. Lindsay, follow the rules, do the right thing and call me for your incarcervention and STAY out of JAIL!


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