Kanye and Taylor Swift- Is this Restorative Justice?

Last year Kanye West jumped on stage when Taylor Swift won a MTV Video Music Award. He rambled on and many people think he stole a moment of glory from the pop star. In fact, he did act the fool and led many people to wonder what was really going on with him. While many people blacklisted Kanye and judged him, it was apparent that he was a person in serious pain who was making poor choices.

Almost always people who make poor choices are in distress or pain. I see this all of the time with my clients. People who we think are high quality and of ethical character find themselves in situations that are often surprising. In Kanye’s case he had suffered the loss of his mom along with all of the public attention that he had yet to come to grips with.

At the time he offered a small apology and then kind of disappeared from the scene. A good choice, and one other celebs should make while going through struggles. So, now he has offered numerous public and private apologies. He has even put forth a few explanations. One can often explain poor choices but can never excuse them. This holds true for most criminal acts as well.

So, now, last night we saw what seems to be a prime example of restorative Justice. Sometimes the best we can do is offer a true apology, mend fences and move forward. Change is possible with lots of hard work.


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