T.I., Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan-Please bring on the Restorative Justice.

Last week brought the newest arrest of rapper T.I. and the latest charges against Paris Hilton. These are just a few of the repeat customers in our criminal justice system. Even in the short time Lindsay Lohan has been on house arrest and out-patient care, she has had several near misses with the cops. What gives?

These repeats have much in common with the rest of those in a system of non-rehabilitation. They all have a lack of personal responsibility and need to practice some restorative justice. Both Hilton and T.I. received light sentences for their crimes and both seem to have forgotten that change takes hard work.

Rather disturbing when you think that T.I. received a lesser sentence in part because he convinced a judge that he had started on a “Road to Redemption” with community service prior to his sentencing. He even had a TV show on MTV about this. In fact, community service is part of his probation. He was the beneficiary of a rare Federal alternative sentence.

As many know, Federal probation is often lots of work and requires permission to travel etc…T.I. now faces violation charges along with new charges for the possession if it turns out he is guilty.

Hilton faces serious charges if she is found guilty. So, why do people keep coming back? There are various reasons but in these cases it’s the lack of true humility. How low does one have to go? Everyone is different. Here is hoping that Lohan learns from these two.


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