Halle Berry- An Alternative Sentence that WORKED!!!

Halle Berry proves the point I often try to make that community service is KEY to changing our criminal justice system.  Berry recently co hosted an event to benefit an organization that helps those dealing with the effects of domestic violence. The Jenesse Center offers services for women and children.

The key here is that Berry admits it was her sentence of 250 hours of community service many years ago that helped her change her ways and become accountable and productive. Imagine if all defendants could make such positive changes. Halle Berry received the 250 hours for leaving the scene of an accident. A rather strong sentence compared to those we have seen recently.

I speak often that community service helps all involved. It helps society in many ways, including saving money on jail time, utilizing defendants to assist others and helps to rehabilitate those who have committed certain crimes. Community service also helps the offender re-enter society and find where they can make a difference.

Community service should be a part of all sentences. Not necessarily instead of jail time, but part of the entire package. We are talking long term thinking here. We must start to find solutions to the revolving door. Change does not come without consequences and hard work. But, like I always say, change is possible.


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