Paris Hilton- Keeps coming back- Addicted to???

Surprise! Paris Hilton was arrested again. This time for possession of what appeared to be cocaine. A few weeks ago I asked the question- Can you be addicted to jail? In this case, Hilton appears to prove one thing for sure- she is addicted to DRAMA. Paris claimed after her small stay in Los Angeles County jail, that she was a changed woman. For real?

I always tell my clients that change is possible with hard work. Hilton seems to be wasting the gift of her alternative sentence, and that means that others may not be so lucky. Once judges realize that tiny jail terms do not work, they will stop giving them out. Unlike the judge in the Lohan case, many do not implement structured follow up programs.

Paris Hilton, like many other celebrities, needs a reality check. Not a reality show, a reality check!  Many of my clients do not “get it” until I tell them to take responsibility or your choices will cost you your freedom. A huge price to pay.

So, Paris, here it is- stop the nonsense, address whatever is the problem, drinking, drugs or narcissism, and  change it up. It’s not all about YOU- maybe do something for somebody else and you will benefit too. Can you say Community Service?


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