Lohan, the court system and WTF?????

Tonight comes word that Lindsay Lohan was released from UCLA- otherwise known as the psych ward. There must be an explanation as to where she was released to. We will know soon. What is clear is that this case is an example of what a MESS our system is. Lindsay was ordered to jail for 90 days- she served 13. She was ordered to 90 days of inpatient rehab; she was a patient for 23 days. But, as usual, the court orders had flaws. Lohan was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation while in jail and then an appropriate place would be determined. It would seem that the evaluation showed that she needed to detox, become medically stable and then…

So, now no matter what, she will go through treatment. That could mean another facility or at least a structured outpatient program. The problem is that most courts do not get what type of treatment is needed. Remember, it was a DUI class that Lohan blew off that helped her fulfill her destiny of entitlement. What was the purpose of that?

The best this insider can offer is that there is much more to come. People will be screaming no matter what. I can hear the special treatment bus now. This is really about lack of treatment, not special treatment. There is nothing special about allowing taxpayers to foot the bill for this disaster and ultimately if Lohan has not learned anything she is likely to become another celebrity horror story. Here is hoping that somehow there is change afoot.

Stay tuned.


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