Lindsay Lohan- Will the speculation ever stop??? What is the real deal???

The Lindsay Lohan case seems to be a case of media gone wild. The speculation never stops. It was just a few weeks ago that her jail term and conditions were all the talk.  Remember those media “experts” waiting outside the jail for her release and the stories she was going to a rehab in Orange County, California? While I posted that most of the rumors were false and that Lindsay had to complete an “inpatient” program, people kept on guessing and making things up.

Now comes “word” that Lohan has been misdiagnosed with ADHD and given the stimulant Adderall. Really? PLEASE!! There is no doubt that Lohan has been taking Adderall and many other meds as well as drinking. Remember, this is a DUI case. As anybody who lives in Hollywood knows, many people take Adderall for weight control. In fact, many people around the country take Adderall for weight as well as to help them stay awake to study, work etc…It is an extremely over prescribed drug with a huge black market.

Given this, why would Lohan qualify to not serve out her sentence? Yes, the new judge is reviewing the matter and will most likely make some changes. UCLA is not a long-term care facility and now she must be ready for step down treatment to a residential facility or some other structured program. Let us not forget that Lohan will still have probation to contend with after her jail sentence is finished.

What does need to be addressed is the “core” problem in this case. And, that is, can Lindsay make changes to her life, gain control of her situations and the people around her and become a success again. That means a success for her talent, not her train wreck lifestyle. Lindsay, change is possible but it takes time and lots of work. Rushing through treatment is never the answer, but proper treatment works. Let’s all hope that Lohan gets it. And, that this can be a lesson in how our criminal justice  system works but can work much better.



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