Hell no, Blago… Not again.

Today a Federal jury in Chicago found former Governor Rod Blagojevich guilty on a single felony count. The jurors on the other 23 more serious charges were deadlocked. In some cases the deadlocks were 11 to 1 in favor of conviction. But after millions of dollars spent on prosecution and investigation, we are left with this. Really??

SO, what does this mean in simple terms? Well, for one thing the prosecution was over-confident and arrogant. Something that is usually said about defendants. In this case, Blago was too but that was to be expected.  After all he did appear on Celebrity Apprentice ,and his wife was on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. This makes Sarah Palin’s reality dreams seem reasonable.

But, in very simple terms, our criminal justice system is the big loser. In Chicago alone, violence and drug crimes are out of control. This money could have been better utilized had the feds thought about the reason they were prosecuting Blago and how best to do it. When he was arrested, Blago was called a crime wave that needed to be stopped by the US Attorney. Funny, since his alleged “crimes” are on tape. What was so difficult? We must get our State and Federal governments to work better together and prioritize and BUDGET.

As for Blago, he was found guilty of making a false statement to the FBI. Martha Stewart went to jail for this. He most likely will too but not for years as he awaits a retrial and an appeal. If Blago were my client I would tell him to cut and run. Make a small deal with little jail time and move on. There are more TV and books to do. Be a hero, save the government some money and himself and start making positive changes. My guess,  he will not do it. He loves the drama of it all.

Blago, call me. Work out a deal and go to club fed for five months. It will be good for you. In the meantime do some community service and help someone else for once. It will make you feel better.


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