Can you be addicted to JAIL????

The answer to this for many people is YES. The reasons are varied, some people get used to being institutionalized, some people just choose to keep seeking trouble and others are truly struggling with addiction and mental illness. And some simply like the gangsta life and the attention it brings.

This week DMX was released from jail once again and of course he was in trouble within hours. DMX has been arrested multiple times and for offenses ranging from animal cruelty, reckless driving, unlicensed driving, drug possession, and identity falsification. So, what’s the problem?

DMX like so many others, including Lindsay Lohan, have surrounded themselves with yes people and enablers. Truth be told, even though DMX has served jail time on several occasions, his stints have been too short to sober him up and get the help he needs. People do what is familiar, and what is familiar to DMX is the drama of it all. Not just the drugs, the drama and even excitement.

At some point this may all get old to him and he will make positive changes. Or he will continue on until he does something that lands him in jail for a long time. Something that he will regret.

DMX, stop before you become like Lawrence Taylor and are looking at HARD time. This insider reminds all of us that change is possible with hard work and a little Restorative Justice.


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