Oil spill in the Gulf- the list of crimes is about to get worse……

Good news. The worst environmental disaster in history is over. Well, not really. The oil has allegedly stopped leaking, but the situation is far from over. This, despite the government claims that all is well and energy czar Carol Browner thinks the 5 million barrels that did leak have either disappeared or are disappearing. Really???

What about the chemicals used in haste to “clean up” the situation? Ask any fisherman in the area and they will tell you their seafood is far from thriving and in many cases the seafood beds are dead.

This, along with the fact that most families affected have yet to receive aid, is an economic and environmental tragedy. After 911 there were many claims to aid that were fraudulent. Most of these crimes went unprosecuted and have been forgotten. The gulf will bring about far more of these scams and claims. After all, the amount of lives affected on a day-to-day basis is far greater. Don’t worry- I said those affected day to day is greater, not overall.

We must look at the gulf as a turning point in how we see crimes and criminal activity. A “regular” street crime offender would have already hit the slammer. But here the totality is just to hard to grasp and often law enforcement finds simple crimes easier to deal with.

The time has come to have fair and equal justice. This insider says that change in every way is possible and much needed.


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