Real Housewives or Real Criminals?

The Real Housewives of Washington DC premiers tomorrow night.  Normally I would not be writing a blog about the Housewives shows. In fact, some are entertaining. However, I am amazed that this is on TV in the first place. And amazed that none of these people have had to go to jail.

As usual the show follows some alleged  movers and shakers. In this case, they follow Michaele and Tareq Salahi. These are the two who crashed a white house dinner that President Obama and many others were at. Then, they lied about it, that’s called obstruction a crime– in many cases. Worse yet they continued to have the support of their Production Company and Bravo who put them and the event on TV.

I write often about our criminal justice system and how to fix it. Here’s an idea. When somebody willingly breaks the law, brags about it and the fact that the FBI is involved, and then gets a TV show; make them pay for the cost of the investigation. The Salalhi’s not only brag about being questioned by the FBI and secret service, they have now used this as their claim to fame. Their 15 minutes. Really, since when can you premeditate a crime, get away with it, go through an investigation and wind up looking good on TV?

We would have more money in our system to fight crime and take care of our communities if so much money was not wasted on fluff like this. We must stand back and look at this as a true moment where change can be made. Lawmakers take note. Something’s got to give


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