Lindsay Lohan- What is really going on???

Lindsay Lohan has finally left jail for rehab. As predicted, she probably misses jail. 90 days of court ordered inpatient care will be a difficult task.  Add to that the fact she is at UCLA- a hospital setting and most assuredly a change in medication. Can you spell DETOX?

So, why is it that there was so much speculation over the past week of her going to a different facility and with full hair and makeup? Please anybody who has worked with people on alternative sentences or been on one themselves, would never have believed the PR stories. It’s funny that most people looked at me with shock in their eyes as I said jail would be easier than rehab and re-entry. The truth is now shining through. Let us not forget that she is in court ordered “inpatient” rehab. This is not the same as residential treatment that many people think of.

I had openly hoped Judge Marcia Revel would not succumb to pressure and allow Lohan to enter Celebrity Rehab or another place where Lindsay would not have a chance at real help. NPI at UCLA is a locked facility where she will be evaluated and stabilized. Her meds may be changed, and at that time she will be re-evaluated and probably assigned to a step down type of treatment or residential. However, the facility will need to be approved by her probation officer and the court. Don’t expect her to stay at UCLA for 90 days.

I am speaking as a true insider here and hope that maybe now the media and the usual suspects, like Michael Lohan, will step back. Change is possible with hard work and in this case some professional intervention for a change.


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