Chelsea Clinton- The poster child for forgiveness???

Chelsea Clinton, the new Mrs. Marc Mezvinsky, grew up with fame, power, money and privilege. Yet, we do not see her on a cheesy reality show, doing drugs, complaining about her life or exploiting people. Amazing! In fact, she must be a truly open minded and evolved woman. After all, she lived through her father’s presidency and all of the scandals. Now, she is the daughter in law of a man who served more than five years in Federal Prison for a myriad of financial crimes.

Ed Mezvinsky was a college basketball star, a lawyer, a congressman, a human rights advocate and a one-man financial fraud empire. He was released from prison in 2008 after pleading guilty to over 30 felonies. Now, he reportedly lives a quiet life and works with non-profit organizations and teaches.  He claims to have changed his ways and accepts responsibility for his crimes. Has he changed? I have no idea, but this is about Chelsea.

Chelsea is an accomplished career woman who is a quiet Wall Street Force. She appears to have learned from her mother how to forgive and move on. Remember, Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State! A true peacemaker. So, how is it that Chelsea has overcome so much and others don’t? I can only guess. What I do know is that she, like her mother, is a SURVIVOR and with that comes true strength.

It’s all about choice. She chose to have empathy and dignity. She is an example that with hard work those who change can earn the support and love of others.

Congratulations Chelsea and thanks for leading by example.


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