Celebrity Rehab- did you ever wonder??

As the new season of Celebrity Rehab gets under way shooting in Pasadena, Ca- did you ever wonder how this really makes no sense? The show was supposed to begin shooting weeks ago but could only book a few “celebrities” for the cast. Now, with a few dream/wish list cast members still being pursued, like Lindsay Lohan, the shooting has begun and the dream teamers may join later. Remember, this show is supposed to be about rehab and getting well and clean in ALL aspects of your life.

So, putting treatment for an addiction on hold in order to wait for a TV show sounds crazy and dangerous. Sounds crazy because it is. I work with people with all kinds of mental health and addiction issues. Often these people are allowed alternative sentences because of their underlying diagnosis. Alternative sentences only work if they are taken seriously. Think last season’s Celebrity Rehab and Dennis Rodman- he was on an alternative sentence and allowed to serve that time in the setting of Celebrity Rehab.

There is not a person in the world that can clean up and move on to a successful life in 21 days. But, that’s how long the REHAB shoot is. Is it any wonder it does not work? Also, these “celebrities” should be treating their other issues such as grandiosity, entitlement and justifying behavior. These are all criminal thinking patterns and while I am not saying the current cast is made up of criminals, often addicts do commit crimes not just to feed their substance abuse addictions.

I wish the current cast well and truly hope that Lindsay Lohan does not join up. But, she is almost out of jail and ready for rehab- stay tuned!

Lindsay, after all you have been through, you deserve better and remember that change is possible with hard work, not a different form of bad behavior.


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