Is Lindsay Lohan getting special treatment in Jail???

As Lindsay Lohan begins her first, and maybe last weekend in jail, the world is still abuzz about her special treatment. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Can’t we all just get along? Probably not. First, Lohan is in protective custody for her safety and the safety of the other inmates and staff. The government has an obligation to protect all inmates. But how special is her treatment? She is in segregation. That means no common room privileges, no inmate interaction and 23 hours a day in a concrete cell alone. Well alone, except with the staff watching you and every move you make.

Ask anybody who has been in segregation and they will tell you they HATE it. Next, Lindsay like every other person in Los Angeles County jail is allowed certain medications. While these may not be the best thing for her, she may take them at monitored times and doses. The good news is that she is undergoing a court appointed  evaluation by a team to forensically evaluate her needs and issues. Moving forward this should help determine where she goes to rehab and the type of restrictions recommended. That’s not special treatment either.

What is curious is all of the information coming out about Lindsay from newly released inmates or people who have visited others inside since Lohan has been there. These are the people making the most allegations. Day one inmates usually learn the conduct code- mind your own business and do your own time. Otherwise, inmates become part of the inside gossip mill otherwise known as INMATE.COM.

Stay away from that Lindsay and you will be fine. I know it’s hard listening to inmates talk about you all day and you can hear them through the vents and toilets. Just do your own time and you will be fine.

Jail is not a fun place and all of the speculation and gossip going on here takes away from the fact that Lohan has a whole life ahead of her. She now has the opportunity to transform and reinvent herself. Stay tuned. We will all be watching, and as I always say; change is possible with lots of hard work.


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