Mel Gibson and Oksana- Crime Central??

I have tried to avoid comment on the Mel Gibson drama. The truth is there are so many crimes here to deal with, that it’s hard to find a place to start. There is no doubt that Gibson needs serious help in so many areas. He looks and seems like a very unhappy man. As for Oksana, be careful what you wish for. The media frenzy that has been created by the “tapes” is leading to a huge criminal investigation, and not just of Mel.

Oksana, somebody should have told you that when you make allegations and threats, even if there was misconduct on the other side, your side of the street must be clean. Yours is not. How dare you claim that Gibson bruised your two-month-old baby. If that is true, you had an obligation to run like the wind, not just sit around and ask for money. Your own “tapes” show you asking for money. So, which is it? Money or protection? You could have had both.

I empathize with women who suffer any form of abuse. There is no excuse for it, and often it is not easy to file a complaint. But, when the abuse also happens to your child,  you are no a co conspirator for not protecting the child. Can you spell CPS?

This is yet another case of fame gone wild and money, not a child, being the important thing. The media and TV shrinks commenting on this are also causing harm. None of us know if Gibson is Bipolar and many  people with Bipolar disorder lead happy and fulfilling lives. Stop the “therapy” on people you do not know. I always say that change is possible, but boy is there a lot of work to be done here.


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  1. Not a bad bit of info here. Thanks for this.

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