You did the crime, so you do the time. What does this really mean??

The disparity in criminal sentencing has never been greater. As we know Lindsay Lohan got off after two DUI’s and multiple probation violations with a light sentence. It looks like Charlie Sheen will have a light sentence for assaulting his wife as well. But, Chris Brown has 5 long years of supervised probation. Recently, I was on The TODAY show and I have received calls from all over the country. These calls prove that disparities in sentencing are all over our State and Federal system.

In some cases, it is because a person had a better lawyer and so cut a better deal, but in others the same cast is performing and the deals are awful. I have seen better deals lately by public defenders.

We need to urge our lawyers, lawmakers and especially judges to get creative. Most people are in the system for non-violent crimes and we must find a cost effective way to help the rehabilitate while helping society as well. Can you say COMMUNITY SERVICE?

I know I harp on community service, but it makes me wonder how there can be any change in our criminal justice system without starting somewhere and that’s a cheap and easy place to start. Right now, many people do the crime and only a few do the time. However, some do way more time than others for the same offense. This makes for angry defendants and questions upon release. We must start to change the criminal justice system now! Remember, this insider always says that Change is Possible.


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