Lindsay Lohan- why should we expect it to sink in???

Two days after the Lohan sentencing, the media is all-abuzz about her behavior. Really?? Is it that shocking? Of course not. We do what we know, and she knows grandiosity, entitlement, delusion and USERS and TAKERS.

She also knows addiction and abuse. Hello, Michael! I do not feel sorry for Lohan for her jail time or rehab. What I do have empathy for is all that has led her here. The list of enablers is so long it would take up more time and space than we have. And, it seems to continue growing even today.

Lohan must hope that the court ordered evaluation is a serious one that will allow her to achieve some sobriety from her prescription drugs as well as mental health treatment. Jail will not do it. The California State prison system will most likely allow Lindsay to take some of her meds. This would not be the case on a longer term sentence or any Federal sentence.

We cannot expect a woman in denial to wake up because she is doing a short-term jail stint. There simply is not enough time. However, a woman like Lindsay does need to grow up and take responsibility. Especially when she claims to have missed DUI “classes” because of working. What work???

This insider asks all involved to stop the Lindsanity. This means the docs must stop throwing meds at her too. Our court system is going to be BUSY with the potential fallout from everyone involved.  The DUI program knows it’s coming. They were afraid of testifying. Wonder why? Could it be self-incrimination? They were the people who submitted court documents that Lohan was in compliance. That was a stretch of the truth.

The lawyer has fled the scene or been given the boot, and the docs are next. How many people need to OD before we understand prescription drugs?

There can be a positive end to this mess. I hope Lindsay gets the right team in place and learns about restorative justice. After all, there is more to the world than Lindsanity. Lindsay, change is possible and you need a QUALITY team to help you NOW.


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