Is Everybody in America on Drugs?

I ask this question looking for a serious answer. Celebrities get so much press about drugs, but they are just a small portion of our population. Sure, we are interested when celebs are busted for drugs and the Lohan case makes us all wonder-how could she… she had everything. But, the truth it that many Americans are on drugs and we have lost the “war” if they’re ever was one.

Recently, I was visiting a client in Northern California in a very posh and affluent city. Or, so I thought. The mother of the client and many people I met   told me that there are so few jobs and interesting things to do, that he drug problem-especially Meth is out of control. I am hearing this a lot. The Meth problem is out of control. People are unemployed, scared and BORED. All of this drug use leads to crime and is flooding our criminal justice system.

I saw the effects of this firsthand in Prison. Especially due to Meth use. I saw generations of families from Native American Reservations who all were using or making and selling Meth. The money was good; unemployment rampant and families became hooked.

The point here is that Celebrities are not the only people on drugs, and in fact from my point of view and my experiences with our criminal justice system, drug use is worse than ever. This means higher crime rates and risk to all of us.

This insider urges our criminal justice system to get it straight and start dealing with many alternative ways to deal with our GROWING drug problem. We must start somewhere and stop blaming everyone else. Even Lindsay Lohan didn’t start this fire.


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