What’s Federal Prison like on July 4- Freedom day??

Have you ever wondered what prison is like on Independence Day?  Ironic, as prison is a place you earn your way to by choosing to give up your freedom. Independence what? The truth is that in the Federal Prison system– the BOP- Bureau of Prison’s- puts it’s best forward on all holidays. This means card tournaments, sports events, movies and special meals. All with prizes. Yep, prizes.

Of course, I was in a Federal Prison Camp- a la Martha Stewart, Steve Madden and Mike Milken, but the BOP strives to make all Federal Prisons more tolerable on holidays. So, even Bernie Madoff will be living it up this Fourth of July weekend. Next year Blago will be as well.

The fact is that most inmates appreciate these “perks” and holidays are hard. The Fourth of July and the celebration of freedom is a tough concept to deal with in prison. That’s why most choose not to think and reflect about their choices and the consequences. Those who end up in prison in  the United States have made a choice in most cases. It’s that choice that that is hard to accept and why some people keep making the wrong ones. For those I say get an Incarcervention. For others, remember we live in the land of the free and change is possible.

But, I urge all of us- even those who have FREEDOM, to sit back and show gratitude. We do live in the land of the FREE. Happy July 4!!


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