Chris Brown- Real or Fake? And does it matter???

Sunday night Chris Brown made an appearance at the BET Awards. He performed a tribute to Michael Jackson- that he was supposed to do last year- and then IT happened. He sung Man in the Mirror and broke down. He cried through the entire song, and while his backup singers were right there to pick up the slack, it seems a bold move.

So, was it real or fake? A skeptic would say that it is all too perfect. The song, the moment, the audience. But, does it even matter? I have written about Chris Brown before and how I thought his 5-year probation term and all of his conditions would be more difficult than a short prison stint. I am sure Chris believes this now. Redemption is hard. Even if you are trying your best. Remember, Restorative Justice and all it entails?

I give Chris Brown and his current “people” credit for trying. They keep coming back even after a disaster of poor appearances and dismal record sales. Brown is a remarkably talented man who has time to flip the switch. Let’s not forget that his idol, and the man he was paying tribute to, lived under a cloud of allegations and judgments and ultimately ran out of time.

Let’s give Brown the chance he keeps working towards. He has not taken it for granted like other young stars. Lindsanity– are you listening?

Chris- keep working at it. Take it from this insider. Change is possible.


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