Jackson family- Please give our court system a break.

The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death has brought about more court activity. Not only is Dr. Conrad Murray facing trial for MJ’s death, but also Joe Jackson has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court and all sorts of creditors are circling. Even Child Protective Services has been out to see the kids. And, we wonder why our court system is so backed up and flawed.

There is no doubt that Dr. Murray should be facing jail time and CPS should check on the kids, but the rest of it- come on. The Jackson family has spent more than a small army on legal fees through the years and as we all know, Michael took up loads of court time as well. Remember, he was on trial for child molestation and under investigation for over 10 years.

But, it is time for judges to say enough. The litany of lawsuits take away from our criminal justice system’s resources and allow real crimes to go unpunished. Much of this mess is the responsibility of the lawyers involved. I am certain they learned the term MEDIATION in law school.

As for Joe Jackson- change is still possible, but you are running out of time. For once, let your son rest


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