Yes- here come the celebs. Larry King you must be listening.

A few days ago I wrote about the Gulf disaster and the fact that there was a lack of media outreach by major celebrities. Two months in and only a few like Kevin Costner had stepped up. But, now through the grace of Larry King and his Disaster in the Gulf telethon, we have more. Publicists where have you been?

Somebody even told Tony Hayward to get off his yacht. Imagine? But, Obama still felt the need to play golf. Maybe he meant to tell his people take me to the Gulf and they got it wrong?

The crime scene in the gulf is emerging and will get worse as tourists cancel vacation plans and fishermen can’t fish so they will not be able to provide for their families. When there is no hope, people often turn to crime. That’s why we must get involved NOW. Once people step over the line and engage in any criminal activity they become part of the “system” and a new cycle is born. So, do what you can. donate, volunteer or just speak out and raise awareness.

As for BP and the executives there like Tony Hayward, it is too late. The jig is up and you are now part of our criminal justice system. Welcome to America. It could be worse Hayward, you could be in Peru.


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