BP- Is the The Gulf a crime scene?

Here we are almost two months later, the questions are mounting and the global devastation is growing. So many questions and very few answers. Worse yet there seems to be very little outcry from those who can make a true difference with their platforms and voices. Bring on the celebrities please!

When the spill first happened I was shocked at the lack of media coverage and understanding. Now we are playing catch up. It seems that it is very hard to comprehend the environmental and ECONOMIC disaster without “horror” images. There are no towers falling and no bodies in the streets. This is a slow pain. An economic bleeding that will have impact for years to come.

FEMA has not been on the scene because this was not a natural disaster. But, the fact is that jobs have been lost and money is tight. A recipe for criminal activity and scam artists. I have several clients who went to jail for SBA fraud and other crimes related to the WTC bombing. People, get ready and open your eyes because a fraud is coming. Or, is it already here? Tony Hayward this means YOU.

We need to remember that Hayward is CEO of the fourth largest company in the world. He is no amateur but he also seems to forget that his customers are the “little people.” In fact, Hayward is making mistake after mistake with each lie. Obstruction of justice is a CRIME. Ask Marta Stewart.

The bottom line is that there are so many issues with the gulf spill that we need a cohesive effort to help clean up all of the messes. As for BP, Hayward and others, a nice prison term awaits and I know a good prison consultant. You are all going to need one.


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