Our Criminal Justice System- What to do?

The first thing people need to understand about our criminal justice system is that it really is several different “systems” that do not work well together. There is the Federal system that is more uniform all over the United States and then there is the State system that obviously varies from state to state and county to county.

Keeping it simple- the lack of consistency and uniformity does not and cannot work. To compound this series of issues there are the vast power differences between judges and the lack of quality lawyers who prosecute and defend.

Complicated, duplicitous and tedious. No wonder most people can not understand why Lindsay Lohan isn’t in jail for her SCRAM device going off or Charlie Sheen gets to negotiate over smoking.

People are even confused as to why the Feds “let” Joran van der Sloot go. The talking heads on every TV legal show are all over that one. Did they ever stop to think that this is the United States and one has to be charged with a crime before they can be held? Especially if they are from another county. The bottom line is that there is more to come on that story and he probably will be found to be a serial killer of women all over the world. Sad but true.

So, before we all judge the “system” and how it favors some and not others, we should stop and think about if that is even true. Maybe the “system” needs a reality check and reform on all levels. UNIFORMITY perhaps?

This insider cautions people to stop and think about what they can do to help bring about reform, especially in an election year. Knowledge is POWER.


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