A whole new set of skills. Who knew!!!

Often I think about the lessons I have learned from my incarceration. There are the obvious, cherish your freedom, learn from mistakes, and be humble and empathetic.

There is also, never break the law, be upfront no matter how difficult and of course remember where you were so you don’t go back. This includes the mindset of what led me to prison in the first place.

But, I also learned some very practical skills. I learned how to be a great microwave cook, how to get along with ANYBODY and the many uses for maxi pads and Jolly Rancher candy. More about that in another blog!

Lastly, I developed a sixth sense for trouble and troublemakers. I can see them coming a mile away. For example, today a friend approached me with a business situation that sounded suspect to her. Within minutes of hearing the story, I knew the person she was checking into was up to no good. After further review, I was right.

So, you see, there are some new skills that can be used for good that I learned in Federal Prison.  Like this insider always says, change is possible and we learn new things everyday and everywhere!


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