You were where? Wow, how was it?

I always receive interesting responses when I tell people I was a guest in a Federal Prison.  The responses are never what you would expect and vary from disinterest to the most asked question. That question is of course, did you have a girlfriend named Big Bertha! For the record, the answer is NO and Federal Prison camps make that a big no no.

Today I had one of the more interesting responses. I went to a new Dr for a mammogram and check up. When she asked for the record of my previous one I told her I did not have it and had no access to it. After her questioning me again I had to tell her the reason was that I had one while in prison. Her immediate reaction was not one of judgment, but rather-“OMG-how was it?” She wanted the whole 411 rundown.

The point of this blog and other inside information I share is to say that things are never what they seem and judgments often fade when people see that change is possible. In fact, many people have a positive view- not of the things that led me to prison, but to what I have achieved since.

Once again, this insider advises people that through hard work, a little restorative justice and honesty, change is possible.


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