Charlie Sheen- Jail or probation? What to do??

It seems that Charlie Sheen is being offered his choice of Plea deals. The options include: pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and serving 30 days in an Aspen jail. With good behavior, Charlie would serve about 17 days.  After he serves his sentence, the case would be over.  Charlie would not be placed on probation. The other option is a misdemeanor guilty plea with no jail time but two years probation.

Of course, Charlie could always go to trial and fight, but he would then risk a five-year jail term.

So, what to do? In the past I have written about the ease of short-term jail vs. long-term probation and the accountability that comes with it. After all, anybody could serve 17 days in jail. The fact that judges are still willing to cut such deals shows just how far our criminal justice system needs to go. A short-term jail term does nothing to stop Charlie’s bad behavior, nothing for society and actually costs taxpayers money.

This insider urges our court system to get real and push accountability and community service. Mr. Sheen could do much for many, including himself, by serving a probation term while doing community service. One-day judges will realize  that short-term sentences don’t work and that crime still pays- or at least taxpayers will with out accountability. Hey Charlie, start practicing some restorative justice and move on in a positive way once and for all. The court isn’t going to do it for you.


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